During this session, we use different powerful tools such as Parts work, Emotional integration and/or Inner voice dialogue, etc...

My intention is to help you to gain awareness and healing to the different parts within yourself that are in pain, in resistance or experiencing blocages.  

We all desire something at one point in our life:  money, relationships, a new job, to be creative, to let go of stress, anxiety, etc… And we also experience not being able to have those things, what we experience is resistance

Resistance is when some parts within you are working against each other, one part of you really want to manifest what you desire, and another part is in resistance to it. 


The reason why we are not aware if this resistance is because those parts are unconscious. 

This healing and liberation session allows you to dive into your unconscious parts and let them speak, to see and understand them, to have compassion for what they went through and allow them to feel their emotions.

An unconscious part within you is like a child who is stuck in time and in its pain. 


During a session, we connect to your unconscious mind and channel those parts within you, to help them finally feel their emotion and release, to discover and own their needs, boundaries, for them to receive love, compassion, presence and validation.

What we do is create a resolution and bring healing for these parts of you, they can then reconnect with themselves, their power and abilities, to manifest what you need and desire. 


Sometimes one session is enough, and for other topics, it can take several sessions, as your being has several layers like an onion. In any case, patients notice a important relief and change after a single session, as they integrate parts of themselves that they were disconnected from. 


It is also a great tool to get to know your potential and abilities that you were not aware of, as each part has its own strengths and role within you. 


 If you have a question or wish to make an appointment, you can contact me here. Please state in your email where you live if we have a time difference (I'm on Paris time), and make sure that you have a good internet connection. 




5 sessions bundle:


10 sessions bundle:



Discover how the different parts within us were created.
There is no such thing as Self-sabotage, only resistance.